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The Center for CNC Education and Industrial Machinery have Joined Together to bring you LIVE, Weekend CNC Training Classes!!

CNC Education Division

Industrial Machinery Sold our first CNC Lathe back in 1974, a 50 HP Model ST-10 from SMT of Sweden. It was a great machine for its time and SMT had a very good System of CNC Education. Our Director of CNC Education, Heinz R. Putz was the Original SMT Teacher of CNC Machining and is still going strong today. Fanuc is now his specialty. He has worked for Fanuc as a CNC Education Consultant in Developing their CNC Curriculum and has taught Shops Nationwide for the last twenty eight years. Our CNC courses follow the method he Developed and Perfected. Heinz's Fanuc CNC Videos are the basis of the course outlines.
To insure that you achieve a High and Efficient Level of CNC Productivity, we offer the following courses:
   - In-house training on your machine, Includes backup phone service
   - Individualized weekend programming courses at Industrial machinery
   - Learning on your own from the "Fanuc CNC Videos"


CNC Training Classes

Classes to be taught by Heinz R. Putz, a 30 year Veteran in the Machine Tool Industry. Heinz earned his well known reputation starting as a young German Apprentice in a Precision Machine Shop. Later Heinz worked for SMT (Swedish Machine Tool), Fanuc, and many U.S. Toolmakers. Heinz has trained 100’s of CNC Shops over the Years and is currently holding monthly workshops at Industrial Machinery in Columbus, Ohio.

Your Instructor:  Heinz R. Putz. - Heinz might be called "The Original" CNC Instructor in the U.S.

Heinz' background includes a Machining Apprenticeship in Germany and many years of Machine Shop Work in the years prior to CNC. He was a Fulltime CNC Instructor for SMT( Swedish Machine Tool) back in 1974, long before the first Fanuc Control showed up in the U.S. on a Mori-Seiki Lathe. Heinz soon determined that the future in CNC was with the Fanuc Control. He began learning the Fanuc method in Great Detail. After what seemed a really long time and many headaches, Heinz became so Proficient that Fanuc hired him as a Consultant to Teach Classes and to Re-Write CNC Manuals to Include Practical Machining Examples.

Heinz also Taught Classes for Yasnac and Many other Importers and Dealers. He has taught CNC to Many Hundreds of Machine Shops since then and his Goal has always been to make them as Proficient as possible, but also to learn something from every shop he worked with.

His CNC DVDs and CNC Classes pass on the Wealth of CNC Information he has gained over these Many Years to anyone that wants to be really good at CNC Programming & Manufacturing.

As everyone in our Industry knows, Fanuc has been and is the Leader in CNC Controls sold around the World. All of the content of our CNC Training Classes will be based on the Fanuc method of CNC Programming, which is compatible to most CNC Controls Built.


Hours of course are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30p.m.

Cost  is $600.00 per person

For more information call 614-464-4376

Outline of Day 1 (Saturday):

Emphasis on Lathe Programming:

  • Basic Lathe G-Codes
  • Calculations of Speeds and Feeds for Turning and Milling
  • Simple Lathe Programming for:

                - Turning O.D.s
                - Facing, Boring
                - Taper Turning
                - Radius Cuts
                - Using Canned Cycles and Nose radius Compensation

  • Hands-on Control Input, Editing and Setup
  • Discussion, Questions and Answers

Lunch from 12 to 1, Sandwiches and Cold Drinks provided.

Outline of Day 2 (Sunday):

Emphasis on Mill Programming:

  • Basic Mill G-Codes
  • Simple Mill Programming for:
                 - C/Drilling, Drilling, includes use of Drill Cycles
                 - OD and ID milling with the use and explanation of Cutter Compensation
                 - Complete example with Milling, C/drilling, Drilling and Tapping
  • Hands-on Control Input and Part Running
  • Program Edit for Increased Efficiency
  • Discussion, Questions and Answers

Lunch from 12 to 1, Sandwiches and Cold Drinks provided.

Check the following website for Program Examples and more Information:

For any questions relating to CNC Programming Send emails to:
Heinz R. Putz at or call him direct at 614-888-8466

CNC In-house Training
Make sure your Machine is Hooked-up and Running properly. Our experts will help you by phone to make sure everything is working and ready. The In house training course will be Tailored to your Individual Situation. If you are a job shop we'll recommend a good selection of standard, flexible tooling. If you have a product line, we'll evaluate your parts and help you make tooling decisions.

Back up CNC Videos for everything you learn are available at "Center for CNC Education". After our hands-on course, use the Videos to Refresh your memory and to Train new people in your Shop.

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